10 Apr

Resident fun guaranteed

We were totally shocked to get a call from the HIU team asking if they were allowed to fund raise for our residents. Of course we said yes please we would be honoured. This donation is going to be put to good use at our annual carnival for the residents this year.  Thanks to the lovely staff of HIU we are able to hire a bouncy castle and cash grab machine for our residents which will be a huge treat for them as they look forward to the carnival every year.

This is the article from their newsletter:

hu staff

Any cause or idea can benefit from an artful and natural expression
Thank you to Zanco for being birthed and to all who cooked, created and contributed to the $450 HIU raised for Herston Lodge. A shout out to our colleague Sarah for the idea of giving to Herston Lodge.

When Schuster and I arrived at Herston Lodge to present them with the cheque, we were instantly met with hellos and smiles from the residents. They directed us to the office where we met the staff of Herston Lodge, Damien, Suzie and Rose. These three work together to create a community for the residents. Damien asked us what we suggested that the money is used for and in true HIU style we said “this money was raised with fun so it should be used for fun.”

I was having a lousy day, on that Wednesday when we walked to Herston Lodge. When I saw the residents and started talking to them I realised that my problems paled in comparison. The residents were bursting with enthusiasm to make sure Schuster and I got the best photo and this made me put my problems aside and shared in this moment with the residents. If they could smile through their hardships, if they could laugh through their loneliness then why couldn’t I see how wonderful my life is?